Cool People Care features NYC SubwayGirl

Cool People Care is an amazing company based out of cool Nashville, who help nonprofits do what they do better. Their website has a weekly series called "5 minutes of Caring."  This week NYC subwaygirl is thrilled to be featured.  'What's Your Inspiration' and 'Sustainability Matters' is something they feel worth sharing on their website.  They've even included my fun video blog about How to Humidify a Guitar with recycled materials.

check it out:   Cool People Care and NYC Subway Girl featured

Not to mention they have co-branded a t-shirt with NYC Subway Girl, which you can order online.

The t-shirts were designed by Mary Neufeld and made with earth friendly inks by Friendly Arctic.   Cool People Care member and Social Media guru Nancy VanReece  stopped by Friendly Arctic shop and spoke with owner Andy Bird, she videoed his Inspiration, Nashville Style.  Check it out!

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