benefit Art For Animals

I love to come above ground and share my music with commuters of the concert type, (not rushing past to their destination, in a warm and quality sound environment).  I am eager to perform tomorrow night to benefit Art For Animals a non profit created to teach humane arts to children and provide funds for shelters in need.

Rock N Roll Rescue at Club Helsinki Friday November 19th

FOOD: a great party needs great food.  Ruth Reichl has invited some of the most thrilling chefs for the cocktail party.

ART: a gallery of artwork created by students in an Art For Animals supported portrait workshop.

MUSIC: Laurie Anderson and her dog Lolabelle will perform, Joy Askew and me.

FILM: In keeping with my What's Your Inspiration series on my website, I created a short film about what Inspires people about animals.  I traveled to Columbia County NY interviewed friends and farmers and will be performing to the film.

And the newest addition to the event the wonderful Tom Davis of Saturday Night Live fame will MC

6:30-8:30 cocktail party and gallery viewing, 8:30 concert

$50 tickets now available.

If you can't attend, please consider a donation to this wonderful organization.

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