e-waste something you can do

Tekserve in NYC has regular e-waste drives.  Saturday October 9th is the time to recycle your e-waste. NYC'ers clean out your limited space and instead of throwing away electronic dinosaurs, recycle them.  It's easy and you will feel good about ridding yourself of last years cell phone, computer, fax machine, printer, game, what ever, that just fills up your very expensive space.

here's the link for details

from tekserve website:

Why Recycle Your Electronics?

The components in many electronics can be incredibly hazardous to the environment - contributing up to 70% of the toxins found in landfills - so it's important that they are properly recycled. Find out more through our links to articles on computer recycling. Sponsored collection events, like this one, are one of the easiest ways to properly dispose of your old gadgets in NYC. Due to funding constraints, the city's electronics recycling events and the Build It Green electronics drop-off program have been suspended.