The Inspiration Project can travel anywhere: events, conferences, schools, organizations, small and large gatherings.

Presenting a new method of self-realization, communication and compassion, for people of all ages.

The Inspiration Project at your Conference: Cathy Grier, NYCSubwayGirl's participation is unobtrusive, yet armed with a small camera and a simple question, What Inspires You? she effectively reveals the mission of a conference or special event. Cathy not only captures visually the experience, but she also elicits genuine responses from participants, presenters, and organizers about their inspirations and vulnerabilities. The finished result is part interview and part documentary, using a technique she calls "Video Harvesting."  These short inspirational videos create an intimate and compassionate link between your meeting and those attending, and can be used to launch a digestible Social Media campaign that showcases pure human response.  

The Inspiration Project as a Workshop: This motivational one hour workshop manipulates the age of smartphones and multitasking to connect participants face-to-face. Participants will learn how to listen more fully and how to connect more genuinely. After a short performance, presentation, and backstory of NYC Subway Girl and The Inspiration Project, attendees will use their smartphones to interview and record their interactions with each other, and in exchange, learn a valuable lesson in genuine human connection. 

What to expect from an Inspiration Project Workshop:

  • One-hour interactive and motivational workshop that creates conscience communication through human connection.
  • Utilizing her background in subway performance and an ever-changing audience, Cathy will present live music combined with spontaneous attendee interactions that breaks the static norms of an "on-stage" performance.
  • Video responses taken by workshop attendees will highlight central themes, ideas, and concepts presented during the conference.
  • Participants learn effective communication tools for public speaking and genuine human connection.

What are some things you can expect after an Inspiration Project Workshop:

  • Filmed content that conference planners can use for an effective Social Media campaign that promotes the mission of the organization through genuine human response.
  • Sharing event presence and impact through internal and external networks.
  • A more memorable and fun meeting, event, or conference. 
  • Live Cathy Grier NYC Subway Girl performance with a screening of filmed responses collected throughout the conference.

For Availability and Conference Rates and Packages:

Contact Cathy Grier, NYC Subway Girl, here


Cathy Grier, NYC Subway Girl, asks "What Inspires You?" and Video Harvests genuine human responses.