fools do cover.jpg

What Fools Do

by Cathy Grier

 A CD Sampler, including songs from ‘Comin’ Back To Me’ (Shane Music January 2003), a solo recording full of rootsy, bluesy styles, grooves and chordal arrangements.

‘What Fools Do’ was recorded at The Magic Shop in New York City. Veteran engineer Danny Kopelson (Cassandra Wilson) captured Cathy’s raw personal style of performance and self production.

As a songwriter narrator, Cathy’s unforgettable voice leads the listener on a windy road of love songs about desire, breakups through suffering and enlightenment, as well as songs which reveal her social and political side. The CD is accented with sensual slide guitar, catchy blues riffs, and edgy rhythmic strumming. ‘Tenderness,’ a rhythmic song about needing the truth about love, and ‘Elian (The Spectacle)’ a poignant opinion on the Elian Gonsalez story are two songs found only on this collection.

All Tracks are available on iTunes