Nancy VanReece Road to Carnegie Hall

Nancy VanReece Social Media Strategist and Website Manager of Nashville Symphony. 

Nancy came to NYC with the Nashville Symphony for the Spring For Music Festival at Carnegie Hall. She had contacted me months earlier to help with an unconventional social media campaign for a classical music organization, to film New Yorkers and ask them about the Symphony and get some tips on what to do while in town. Clearly a new kind of marketing and a lot of fun for me.  I got comments from a dog walker, Don the shoe dude, a violinist, and a fun group in Grand Central Station, not to mention poodles.  New Yorkers are always eager to help. It was cool to see her social media strategy noticed by who else…The Media!

When Nancy arrived in town for the concert, I took her around to some of my favorite spots. She gave me her "Inspiration" in front of the iconic LOVE sculpture (Robert Indiana) before we headed off to MoMa with Symphony publicist Laurie Davis.

What Inspires Nancy?  "People"