Hong Kong film crew episode

In late February this year, I was contacted by a Hong Kong film crew visiting NYC for a story on subway musicians.  Ever game to share my experiences, I set up a date to meet. With crew in tow, producer Avis Chan including Taiwanese singer Janice Yan, came to my apartment in Murray Hill. I invited Janice to sing with me in the subway. After a funny discussion about songs we could possibly do together, we settled on the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. And I was just crazy enough to give it a try. The next day we met at the information clock in Grand Central. You can imagine the sight as we all walked towards my scheduled performance location at the Shuttle. Watching the commuters getting out of the way of the cameras, or trying to be in the way was hysterical. Janice helped me to set up and not only did she have her first experience singing in the subway, but as if on cue, a group of Performing Arts HS students stopped to listen and were easily enticed into joining us. That's the power of music, and why I not only love singing in public spaces, but allow the spontaneous, the out of the ordinary to evolve and present itself.    

Avis asked what to me was iconic NYC. I immediately thought of the subway token, something I still miss. She gave me a collection of tokens. A very lovely gift. Enjoy the episode.

clip of the HS kids for my Inspiration Project: