Crossing The Cultural Divide

Judith Sloan performance artist, teacher and activist invited NYCSubwayGirl, hip-hop artist Abran "Aronic" Maldonado and Kathak dancer choreographer Parul Shah to peform at BAX Brooklyn Arts Exchange for a weekend of performance. A wonderful mash-up of artists who stretch the perameters of dance, hip-hop, spoken word, music and performance art.

NYCSubwayGirl created this clip of What Inspires the artists of Crossing The Cultural Divide

What Inspires Abran?

Lyricist/poet hip-hop artist and Inspirational teacher Abran "Aronic" Maldonado chats with NYCSubwayGirl backstage at an event curated by Judith Sloan at BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange)

What Inspires Abran? "Gifted people making the most of their gifts."

He is also developing research, in collaboration with other academic scholars, on ways to improve education in underprivileged urban districts.