Justin Sings SI Ferry Terminal

Here's another impromptu moment with commuters joining me in singing. Justin had just filmed me and another commuter Cathy singing Amazing Grace and shared he too is a singer. Justin sings while Cathy films and joins in harmony at the end.

I love these spontaneous moments precious because they're not trying to be.

You've Got A Friend. 

what Inspires Billy, Nigel and Marvin?

Musicians Billy Maluw and Nigel Schat with friend Marvin visiting from Amsterdam, Netherlands, arrived inside the SI ferry terminal with instruments on their shoulders. I asked if they wanted to jam. Of course they said yes. They joined in and we had a great time.

What's their Inspiration? "Performing in New York City"
Billy: "love," Marvin: "go with the moment," and Nigel: "expressions of my emotions through music."

check out the clip I made of them jamming