What Inspires novelist Ridley Pearson?

NYCSubwayGirl chats with novelist Ridley Pearson after the first preview of Peter and The Starcatcher, (based on his novel) at NY Theatre Workshop. Ridley revealed what inspired him to write the book. "One question from my daughter." and "Everything around me is inspiring." "Thrill of getting in the action."

I attended the first preview of Peter and The Starcatcher at the New York Theatre Workshop Friday February 11th.  A play based on Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry's wildy entertaining book Peter and The Starcatchers, is the back story on how Peter Pan got his name. Theatrically speaking for me, it's Gilbert and Sullivan meets Monty Python. This very clever play by Rick Elice has the audience in stitches keeping up with the giddy puns, double entendre and fast paced dialogue. The cast hardly ever leaves the stage, and often they even become props. Like a well staged high flying act, starstuff directors Roger Rees and Alex Timbers thread an even keeled cast through the amazing story of magical star dust called starstuff, orphaned boys, (sadly only one girl) shipwrecks and enchanted fish. With a ship called the Neverland and a feared pirate named Stach who has just a slight case of sea sickness, and as one could guess, a future of onehanded skulldugery, it's hard not to be captivated. In Previews, Opens March 9th.

One staging element to note, the Scenic Design by Donyale Werle uses mostly recycled materials. And a 2nd act opening showstopper with costumes that integrate basic kitchen stainless steel steamer baskets to hilarious wit.

and here's a clip I made of the first preview sidewalk chatter