OWS day after Raid, Amazing Grace and Alixanne

November 16, 2011, the evening after the police raid I went to OWS after my subway gig. It was cold and rainy but spirits were strong. The park was barricaded and had only one entrance heavily guarded. They weren't allowing anyone in with items thought to be used for camping etc. Since I had my subway gig stuff, they wouldn't let me in. I went home to drop off my stuff and returned to join the supporters. I got up and sang Amazing Grace. It was truly an uplifting experience. Thanks to Alixanne Goodman who gladly took my camera to film me.

I later heard from her that she witnessed some pretty tough police action. "I have bruises and cuts from the riot cops when I had indeed put my hands up, did exactly what they told me to do, and moved back.....A man next to us was writing down badge numbers of cops who were being too physical with the protesters and he got dragged off the sidewalk and arrested. Well his cardboard he was writing badge numbers on fell to the ground and my fiance went to pick it up... well the cops saw and dragged him off the sidewalk and arrested him... It's a scary world we live in when you're getting picked off the sidewalk for nothing... "

What Inspires Alixanne? The people of OWS. What Inspires me? Alixanne and her fiance ready to stand up and peacefully protest even in the midst of riot police and threat of arrest.