Equine Advocates, Chatham NY

Joan Allen host and Susan Wagner executive director greet NYCSubwayGirl who visited Equine Advocates in Chatham, NY to watch an amazing equestrian dance theatre piece 'Ride' by choreographer Paula Josa-Jones. "A mysterious primal bond between humans and horses." An event to raise funds to help the Sanctuary get through the winter.

Suzanne Shepherd (acting coach and actress) shares her inspirations, "human behavior, garlic!, ability to savor life, Equine Advocates." So full of life and Inspiration.

Actress Joan Allen who shares her Inspiration, "people who overcome travails, my mother, my daughter..."

Excerpts from "Ride" Choreographer Paula Josa-Jones shares her inspiration.

What Inspires Paula? "synthesis of bodies together."

What's Your Inspiration?