If you are in need of copies of MTA Rules of Conduct, BuskNY is happy to send to you.  Make your request by emailing  info@buskny.com

General Information about BuskNY an advocay group.  

BuskNY advocates for visual art and music in the NYC subway. We believe that it's important to bring performances to public spaces, and we share an appreciation for subway music with an overwhelming of MTA ridership.

Although artistic performance has been legal in the NYC subway since 1985, subway performers face periodic stigmatization, occasionally misinformed media coverage, and ongoing harassment by public servants who believe music to be a crime.

We work to bring public attention to wrongful arrests, as well as to reduce the incidence of harassment through dialogue with transit police and efforts to create visibility of our legal status.

We also seek to counsel performers who have experienced wrongful arrest or violence for creating art, and to provide connections to legal services. Finally, we do some odd-jobbing: reaching out to other busking advocates, connecting buskers with local gigs, patrolling media coverage of the issue, and promoting busking events and causes in the area.

And check out our site,www.buskny.com, for a blog and more information on buskers' rights.