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I wanted to have someone really special. I started to go through some of the past musicians we’ve featured, and one of my absolute favorites is Cathy Grier. She’s got energy like nobody else and always “brings it.” She’s a great supporter of her fellow musicians. Not to mention, she’s been a cool supporter of The Five Outsiders

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Seth Rogovoy Berkshire Eagle

As heard on her new solo CD, “Comin’ Back to Me”, singer-songwriter Cathy Grier is a soulful singer and a bluesy guitarist, one part Laura Nyro (for whom she once warmed up a crowd), one part Bonnie Raitt. A Connecticut native, Grier lived in France for several years, where she wound up writing for French-Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan.

Seth Rogovoy, Berkshire Eagle

ORB Confidental, B. Cormier & G. Reitz

The bluesy folk stylings of Cathy Grier very quickly sets one to tapping, snapping and humming along. Her quirky sounds with politically correct themes bring infectious melodies to socially relevant issues. This collection of tunes from Grier's portfolio reflects her understanding of the audience's sensibilities as well as their desire to be entertained. Grier is truly a musician with a voice.ORB Confidential - B. Cormier & G. Reitz

 By Jacquie Brophy

I was completely taken over by the rich and powerful
voice of a petite woman playing a guitar in the
first level of the subway. Her sound was that of
an experienced musician, yet she played while
the N train flew her by. I stood, listened for a
moment, and continued on my way home. I would
see her here and there and I knew she was
something special.

showbizdigest  By Jacquie Brophy


Joe Del Priore, Hudson Current

Cathy Grier is versatile to the extreme... her folk/blues, political sensibility and dynamite voice make for a powerful dose of reality.

Grier is a storyteller drawing steely insistence and quavering tenderness out of the same cigar box. Her guitar work tends towards rhythm and blues, with elements of traditional folk and supercool jazz riffs tossed in. One aspect that distinguishes her from other performers is her concern with political and environmental issues, layered over that blues/rock melodic base.

Joe Del Priore Hudson Current

Live radio broadcast Sunday feb 21st audio link

“Home Made Music” program featuring acoustic music.  And me!

Guest DJ Larry Wolfert (filling in for Mark Corso), stopped while I was performing at Grand Central Graybar corridor Wednesday and invited me to perform at 10:00 am this coming Sunday.

Rutgers Radio WRSU 88.7 FM /  click to hear an MP3 of the interview

If you do get a chance to listen, I'd love your comments here!

It will be nice to be above ground for a change!


on 2011-04-19 20:32 by NYC Subway Girl

What a fun interview.  Larry was a lot of fun and asked great questions.  I sang 4 songs and got a chance to talk about Music Under New York and nycsubwaygirl

click to hear an MP3 of the interview


Larry Wolfert and Me

PoetMan Records USA- Bryan Klausing

Congratulations for making it on the Acoustic Rainbow Sampler. What a great CD! You have all the grit of Robert Johnson, the sweetness of Blind Willie mcTell and Keb' Mo', and the soulfulness of Bonnie Raitt......

I loved your slide playing and lyrics on Lebanon. Your cover of the Stevie Wonder tune is as good as it gets......
What Fools Do, I was hooked the minute I heard the opening guitar passage. Your playing and vocals are so passionate, and it has this great slow gritty blues groove that needs to be heard by a global audience.

Bryan KlausingCo-Producer


website review

Her CDs are just overflowing with great songs featuring Cathy's impassioned message and pure artistry. A beautiful combination of Folk/Rock/Blues with standup writing and production. Cathy Grier reaches out and touches your soul with her music and words.  

online reviewer

Vintage Guitar magazine 
by John Heidt

Cathy Grier Comin' Back To Me:

Playing songs with just your acoustic is certainly an art that some of us never master well enough to make a full album. Cathy Grier does not have that problem, whether playing fingerstyle blues, or mixing poppy chords with her strong voice.

There are some great songs here. The title cut features nasty slide and a great lyric. "Good Thing" is about as good as it gets. It's blues-mama heaven. She can definitely find her way around a boogie, with imaginative arrangements and some great follow through playing.

Lyrically, the songs that deal with relationships are the strongest. "What Fools Do" and "Stealing Hearts" tell great stories to go along with her fine acoustic accompaniment.

Grier plays all the music on this CD on her 1944 Gibson SJ guitar, and she definitely knows how to handle it. Her singing, brings out the feeling of the songs, especially, in the relationship-themed tunes. If you like folky, bluesy singer/songwriters, check it out.

John Heidt 

Robin Greenstein, artist Folkmusic listserve

Folkmusic listserve

Hello everyone,

I recently went to see Cathy Grier perform here in NYC. She was playing outdoors in front of Pace University as part of a concert featuring musicians who play underground, in the subways. I originally met Cathy at the Folk Alliance convention in New Mexico. I had liked what I heard back then. She had a bluesy-jazzy streak to her music that was a little different from the typical singer-songwriter. I think she may have been living in Southern Florida but she moved to New York City some time ago and has been making her living playing in the subway as part of the "Music Under New York" program.

While I wouldn't care to do that myself, it's a situation that has brought her many great things, including an appearance at Carnegie Hall. More importantly, it has toughened up her performance skills and her chops. She now has a gritty sound both in her voice and harder edge to her guitar playing that is very appealing. Cathy has released a new CD called "What 
Fools Do" which she gave me a copy of. It is her playing solo and I think it's worth a listen.

She has lots of bluesy love songs (I love the first cut which features her playing slide guitar on "Keep Coming Back To Me") and some interesting political music too (a song about Elian Gonzalez called Elian the Spectacle).

She's worth checking out.

Robin Greenstein

Commuter Tucker Park

Your show (and the other performers) were a welcome delight. It was truly a real unexpected performance. I was in-between appointments and was taking a 'long' walk to my next appointment (several hours later) and was going to walk thru the park and 'rest' for awhile. I saw the stage being set-up, so I decided to stay and watch the concert. It was really nice to hear your original music and songs and not any covers of old songs. This makes you an artist and not just a 'singer'. Looking forward to seeing you in the subway, etc.