easy ease-in at Grand Central

My return to subway gigs after a long summer break couldn't have been better. I performed in the Graybar corridor at Grand Central Station (it feeds into the main hall) and has a great people watching vantage point.With amazing warm acoustics naturally created by great architecture, I sang with ease and enjoyed what only time off can provide, the ability to hear myself with fresh ears and ideas. I noticed many people taking an "audio" tour of the station. There's a funny juxtaposition of tourists casually looking up at whatever is being pointed out from a voice in their headphones and the racing commuters who always seem to cut their next train close to within seconds.It's truly a dance, albeit clumsy at best.
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Singing For NYCSubwayGirl

The Chosen Voices a fantastic Doo-Wop group, waiting for the uptown 1 at Columbus Circle 59th street, gave NYCSubwayGirl a special performance. They usually perform in the cars. I've followed them as long as I can remember. They brighten my day.

About a year ago they pushed a flasher off a car who was sitting right next to me. I was oblivious because I was watching the guys sing, but as they got closer they stopped smiling and I thought, that's odd. Then they yelled at the guy and so I turned to see what the fuss was about, luckily we were already at a stop and they shoved him out yelling, "that's disgusting." Before the group came by and disrupted the scene, no one else had said a thing. And I wondered why when I got on the car people looked at me strange-because I sat down right next to the guy. And that's NY folks.