return from Summer, subway awaits

Today is a gorgeous day in nYc and my first day back to performing underground since the end of July. I filled my reserve tank with natures colors and calm, having spent most of the time upstate in the country, a visit to Maine and to family on Cape Cod. I returned to the city Sunday night, the smells, the sounds, how little it took me to forget that I live in this wonderful chaotic cacophony of a community.  Needless to say my sensory system is a bit overcharged.  The crisp blue sky sharpens the edges of the Empire State Building and I'll be performing nearby today at 34th st at 6th avenue near the B/D/F/V escalator.

My bag needs to be repacked, batteries charged and cables checked.  New strings on the guitar, a huge amount of mojo and excitement to be strummin' and singing at 34th st today.  The routine awaits, the ritual of preparing my subway set-up as clear in my mind as my last walk on a country road.

When subway heats up

hotter than Hades 34th st platform.  Need to get to ferry terminal for 2:30 ferry

Service cuts no more W line need to rely on R or switch to 5 at 14th st for Bowling Green.  Another train comes it's an N.  My back is dripping sweat, very hot.  Door stays open longer than usual so I hop in.  It's cooler, I can decide at 14th st if I want to switch to an R or go upstairs lugging my stuff to the 5.  Subway musicians spend a lot of mental energy figuring out where escalators and elevators are.  Unfortunately we don't know when they are running. Life with the subway is a series of decisions to move closer to where we need to go. Rats, just realized the N is local meaning I could miss the R connection, so I look out the window to see if an  R speeds by at 23rd st.  So far so good.  Hedge my bet at 14th st no matter what.  At least it's cool.

Earlier  I walked past the MUNY spot at 34th st a solo pan flute player played a mournful sound fit in with the oppressive heat.

Today is my last booking for July and August but quite a commute to be able to perform in an air conditioned terminal on Staten Island.  Off at 14th st sounds like Natalia (Saw Lady) is playing.  Wow it's too hot for this spot.  We ARE a crazy bunch.

What does music sound like?

Music envelops our daily lives, we can’t live without it, even if we can’t hear it, we feel it. 

Vibration=energy=existence and why it is so important to us.

The 1970’s and the boombox carried on the shoulder, loud enough to annoy or entertain an entire subway car.  Race forward to the 2000’s ubiquitous white earbuds, wires traveling into hidden pockets or a hand holding an MP3 player with treasures of sound.