Wild turkeys wandering in the country

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope that you can take the time to enjoy family and friends this Thursday.  I'm saddened though that the internet is stealing Thanksgiving Day which has been the least capitalistic holiday of the year, now capitalizing on stores being closed with tempting discounts and no lines.  Can't we have one day off people?! So between eating the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, we'll be seduced into logging on and shopping.  I thought 'black friday' was crazy enough.  I mean, to wait in line at 4am to get the latest gadget on sale is insane, and risk of being crushed by rushing crowds is not my idea of a holiday.  It gets nuttier and nuttier.  Friday after Thanksgiving should be a wonderful shut down day, no shopping, no working.  We Americans work so hard at working hard and take little time to just decompress.

And while I'm on my soapbox, it used to be we wouldn't see Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving but I've seen stuff popping up all over already. Stores start selling the ornamental goods as soon as Fall officially ends, and what's with the plastic blow up Snowman and Santa? Don't people realize or care that these goods are made in foreign countries by people who make as much in a month or year as the throwaway plastic item cost? I say have fun making your own ornaments, share it. Save money, make the time well spent by being creative.

So try and stay away from the computer Thursday.  Look to the sky, find a star, make a wish, smile at someone, anyone.  Makes you feel good.

Share a good story.  Here's mine, today as I'm de-stressing from last Friday nights Art For Animals benefit, I looked out the window and saw a family of turkeys wandering around outside (I'm still upstate until after the holiday).  Really cool to see them in the wild, so beautiful.  It's hunting season and I am happy they found a safe spot to roam.

See you next week in the subway.