snowman NYC style

well so far it's been quite a few weeks of crazy snow, even in the most unexpected of places, like where my brother lives in Atlanta and my Mom in N.C (both born in the Bronx, so at least have a memory of it).  Me I'm happy to be stuck upstate, but do miss the beauty of snowfall in the city.  

snowman nyc.jpg

Michele took this picture on her way to work today.


on 2011-02-01 21:51 by NYC Subway Girl

thanks to a comment I've discoverd NYCSnowman.  check out some wonderful snowmen and women in NYC.

SNOWLY we roll along

For those of us in the North East we're under snow. In NYC we've gotten lots of it.

If you do go out, listen to the city with new ears.  The quiet, the calm from the blanket of snow.  It's one of those rare times where we can actually feel like nature does exist in the city.  Normally we walk on asphalt, and concrete above stories of a man-made underground world of steel and cement tunnels, it's hard to remember there's earth underneath. The snow underfoot cushioned and uneven brings a lovely sense of wonder.


PS I've been on a holiday break so I'm happy not to be trudging my EQ to the subway although I miss the fun. To all my subway performing friends that are brave enough or have no choice but to get out and gig, stay warm and be careful.


my pup Etta and me


Snow is Coming Everyone is talking about snow We used to just know it Intuitively Now we Know it through Satellite imagery Not the Gods will another means Another device Snow white Snow cushions Snow slows Pause We’re all pausing So early and it’s not even here Yet We all can’t wait
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