Chain Film Fest screening now online

The first screening of my films was last night. It was a fun night of meeting other film makers and seeing great films with an NYC theme. The next screening will be Thursday August 14, at 9 PM of my Documentary Short film, The Inspiration Project, and Web Series selection, Music Under NY Auditions 2013.

The Official Selection versions are below and you can rate them on the Chain Film Festival website, see the links below each clip. Even if you can't attend the screenings in person, I invite you to share with your friends and family.

link to rate Music Under NY Auditions 2013 web series on the Chain Film Fest website

link to rate The Inspiration Project short documentary on the Chain Film Fest website

I want to thank everyone over the years who has answered the question, "What Your Inspiration?" and in doing so, motivating me to continue asking and finding beauty in spontaneous interactions with passersby. This project would not be possible without you all. 

Thanks so much!

The Chain Film Festival continues until August 17.  There are some wonderful films in this charming Film Festival in Long Island City, NY. Get Directions I plan on going to many of the screenings.  See the schedule here

Q+A with festival director KIrk GostKowski photo by Ini Udosen

Q+A with festival director KIrk GostKowski photo by Ini Udosen

Picked from hundreds of submissions from all over the world, The Chain NYC Film Festival is presenting 108 films. From short documentaries to full length narratives and web series; encompassing work from filmmakers in Australia, Belgium, France, UK as well as our own Long Island City; an innovative and diverse set of topics is curated in thematic groups, featuring both indie actors on the brink of stardom as well as actors such as Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Louis Lombardi (The Sopranos), Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy), and the debut lead performance of 2014 Miss Golden Globes, Sosie Bacon (Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s daughter).
Films will be presented on a rotating schedule from August 4 through August 17.Tickets are $10 for all performances. For more information please visit