Bobby and Me Summer in the country

As the summer intensifies so does the subway and I find myself staying longer in my country get away up in Columbia County....

It was rainy last weekend when I went to visit Bobby 11 Freedom, the rescued NYC Carriage horse, now living at Equine Advocates Sanctuary in Chatham, NY. It's one year since Bobby was rescued from slaughter. Equine Advocates President & Founder, Susan Wagner and the rest of us were caught in a sudden rainstorm, but it didn't dampen the high spirits. 

Bobby was rescued on June 25, 2010 by Equine Advocates and the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.  He was then shipped to Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY where he has been retired. Bobby is sponsored by Cathy and Ron Wong. You can sponsor one of the many equines rescued and living at the sanctuary. contact Equine Advocates Sanctuary

Here's a clip I made of his re-Birthday celebration:

Elizabeth Hess an Equine Advocates board member, avid animal rights activist and author (Nim Chimpsky), brought me along to the party.  We took my two poodles Etta and Lily who loved the attention.

I'll be heading back to the subway after a summer break excited to know Bobby is retired from the city grind living happily at Equine Advocates.  

The birthday celebration was written about in an article about Bobby by Karrie Allen of The Chatham Courier

Here's a previous clip I made from my intial visit to the sanctuary when Bobby first arrived.

Billy and Nigel jam in SI ferry terminal NYC


Musicians Billy Maluw and Nigel Schat with friend Marvin visiting from Amsterdam, Netherlands, arrived inside the SI ferry terminal with instruments on their shoulders. I asked if they wanted to jam. Of course they said yes. They joined in and we had a great time. They jammed on my songs Jungle and then performed on their own. The crowd loved it, including one very enthusiastic dancer.

What Inspires them? Music performing in New York City

check out their What's Your Inspiration? clip I made


Eve Ensler talk, The Girl Cell

Just talking yesterday to my friend Paige (who blogs at The Sister Project) about nycsubwaygirl and how as I continue to develop it, want nycsubwaygirl to be so much more than about me and my adventures in the subway. nycsubwaygirl is I hope eventually a state, a place to build strong community, it’s form created by the collaboration of others. To that extent I think “are you a NYCsubway girl?” Today another friend Cheryl sent me a TED talks link of a speech Eve Ensler gave about girls and the idea of a girl cell. Hmm I thought,

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Healthcare? Why should I care?.... We should all care!

The day after Obama’s healthcare speech and after Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) screamed out "You lie!" here are my comments sent along with my signature of a petition created by (yes that one-you now know my lefty leanings, if you didn’t already) asking Congress to move ahead with a healthcare bill. Me: Please do the right thing for all Americans. We cannot afford to be passive. Too many
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