Times SQ mosaics a day to move on....

Arrived at mosaics spot at 3pm I set up, started playing, took me a while to settle in due to the cold. Steel strings on fingers pretty much sap all the warmth out, and the pick doesn’t stay comfortably between my fingers as all moisture is gone. I love the beauty of the mosaics, there are 2 walls of them. Today I set up with the marketplace scene behind me. I looked across at the wall with the film location scene. The surreal colors constant

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Yankees Ticker Tape parade, I was at Times SQ mosaics

Nov 6, 2009 Times SQ Mosaics Yankees won World Series, perfect fall crisp sunny day. Ticker tape parade meant the city was a sea of Yankee uniforms, caps, banners, jackets, and sweatshirts. Started with Prof Alvarez performing to a small curious crowd. I was a bit late, his son who helps him set up/tear down was nowhere to be seen. Michele appeared-passing through from a Dr's appointment. It was sweet seeing her. She was protective over a very blotto guy who was bumping into people. He never came near me, but in a big crowd it’s true being careful is advised.

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Mosaics spot-cold and cranky MTA worker

okay, so today it was cold, although not really too cold to perform-I almost couldn't play anyway as an MTA rep first told me this was no longer a sanctioned spot, then when I resisted, make numerous calls and threatened to have the cops come and arrest me. I held my ground showed my permit, called Tim at MUNY just to be safe, and to be sure that the spot was still okay, and it was, so I set up anyway. And that was that. Not only did it go okay, but the same MTA rep later came over and apologized for the inconvenience and then went as far as to say that she liked my music. Apparently some groups at this location are just so loud the booth worker can't hear themselves think, I can understand. 

I got a chance to see the next group Tin Pan who performed after me with Jesse Selengut a trumpeter I've known for many years-they sounded great!