Jury Duty continued....

Room 362 111 Centre Street Supreme Court, Manhattan. I arrived at 9:30 am. Almost lunch break (12:30) and no one has made a peep since we had roll call at 10:00 am. I’m beginning to wonder if they will just let us all out. We’re at least 50 people here hanging around, it’s strangely quiet. They didn’t even call jurors into court cases like they did throughout the day yesterday. Even the annoying soda vending machine has only made me jump once with its sudden crashing sound. I swear it sounds like someone tripping over a large object. I did find out that the taser girl
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Jury Duty day 2

back to jury duty today, did lot's of reading, no case yet, most interesting was yesterday's security check- a young woman had a taser in her bag! Officer-"Miss, do you know owning a taser is illegal?!" I overheard that she bought it online.  Saw her later in the same jury room, so I don't think they arrested her. They needed her more for jury duty!  Do you think they let her check it, like they made me check my camera?  Something tells me she left the building without it.....to be continued