Recycling gets easier BGA knows

Summertime is a great time to learn new recycling tips.  Broadway Green Alliance is leading the way to help make our tiny island and outer Boroughs filled with millions of people with tons of trash a more thoughtful and sustainable place to live in. 

As a guitarist I've always been bummed about trashing my old strings. BGA has one of my favorite initiatives the Guitar Strings Project, where recycled guitar strings are turned into cool jewelry. 


Here's BGS's latest newsletter, if you can do one thing imagine the difference it will make:


Employee Encouragement

  • Encourage the use of public transit through TransitChek or other programs.
  • Where public transit is unavailable, encourage carpools by sending an email to staff members.
  • Investigate a paperless direct deposit system for your employees.
  • Give your employees a mug or reusable water bottles with the company logo for their first day, a holiday or any occasion.


  • Start buying 100% post-consumer recycled paper for your office.
  • If you provide lunch at your office, consider purchasing locally grown organic foods.
  • When you can’t buy office supplies and equipment locally, buy in bulk to reduce shipping pollution and packaging waste.
  • Reuse shipping boxes whenever possible.
  • When replacing appliances around the office, look to replacements with Energy Star ratings.
  • When purchasing company vehicles or using a car service, consider electrics or hybrids.
  • Consider consulting green architects, designers and construction companies for any renovations.
  • Evaluate HVAC systems and upgrade for greater efficiency if necessary.
  • Inquire with your energy provider about buying into an energy portfolio consisting of energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro.
  • Consider investing in high quality alternative energy carbon offsets.

Office Initiatives

  • Designate a place where employees can leave their paycheck envelopes for reuse.
  • Use washable plates and silverware instead of paper plates and plastic utensils.
  • Arrange for a company to pick up your paper, metal and plastic recycling.
  • Set thermostats to turn down (or off) when the office is closed.
  • Mandate double-sided printing and explore paperless options.
  • Utilize video conferencing systems instead of traveling to a meeting.
  • Mandate that all computers and printers be turned off at the end of the work day.


  • Develop an internal Green Team to develop green initiatives and goals.
  • Establish a green policy for the office.


  • Avoid plastic water bottles by keeping a reusable one with you.
  • Use your own coffee mug or tumbler and save hundreds of paper cups!
  • Carry a reusable bag with you (they’re a perfect fit in a purse or bag) to avoid plastic bags – many stores also offer discounts if you use your own.
  • Plug your major electronics into power strips that you can switch off to avoid phantom energy.
  • Load up the dishwasher instead of washing by hand to conserve water.
  • Choose Energy Star appliances, they use 10 to 50 percent less energy.
  • Screen savers use energy, set your computer to sleep after 20 minutes.
  • Whenever you’re buying paper products, look for the highest percentage post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Shop at your local farmers’ market for locally grown organic foods.
  • Ask to receive and pay bills online, it saves time and paper.



  • Print your tickets at home – and on recycled paper of course!
  • To stay informed about your theatre, subscribe to an e-newsletter instead of printed brochures.
  • Take public transportation to the theatre, or carpool and make it an evening out with friends!
  • Share the show’s program and only take one. And if you’re not going to keep it as a memento of your evening, be sure to recycle it at the theatre in the proper receptacle.
  • Looking at souvenirs? See if they have organic cotton shirts, reusable water bottles, reusable bags or other green options.
  • Inform an usher if you find a leaky faucet in the restroom; they can arrange to get it fixed.
  • If you purchase refreshments in a bottle or can, don’t forget to find a recycling container – there’s probably one right in the lobby!



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Bobby The NYC Carriage Horse is saved from slaughter

If you don't know, I have a section on this site for guest bloggers.  This week I am featuring an amazing and moving story by Elizabeth Hess about the rescue of Bobby a NYC Carriage Horse, now happily roaming around a grassy pasture in upstate NY instead of being someones dinner.  No kidding.....

When people ask if I'm playing in the subway I say.  "if it's too hot for the carriage horses to work, NYC Subway Girl listens."  So I love to be able to share this story about the fate of one lucky horse.  

Thanks to Elizabeth Hess for her tireless work in saving animals and writing so eloquently about them.  And to Rural Intelligence who first printed the story.

click here to read the story



on 2010-10-29 15:47 by NYC Subway Girl

I visited Equine Advocates in Chatham, NY this week and had an amazing tour from none other than director and visionary Susan Wagner.  I met Bobby the rescued carriage horse, now living in horse heaven, he looks fantastic and happy.  On November 6th, Equine Advocates is having an amazing benefit and dance performance with horses, if you're in the area should not be missed.  Actress Joan Allen is hosting, follow this link to learn more.