Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron one of my musical influences and late night radio mentors of my youth died last Friday May 27th at the age of 62.

Late at night, with only the glow from the FM dial, his "B Movie," and "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" stirred up something important in my ears.  Awakening possibility and helping me to find a place to put all my concern for the world, fear over the hypocrisy I was witnessing and the seemingly lack of curiosity from the adult universe I was soon to join. To learn what I believed in, then to stand up for it was what Gil was urging me to be..

That was in the early 70's. Today instead of a glowing radio dial there's a screen, in the hand.

So much available to learn and observe.

Where to go?

Who is the new Gil Scott-Heron?

Who was/is your youthful mentor? Leave a comment below.

Don't forget to stand up to what you believe in.