Grand Central Commuter

I stopped to speak with you at GCT around 1pm today and bought two of your cds.  I was getting my shoes shined, reading the paper and said to myself "who is playing that beautiful music?"  I listened to "Coming Back to Me" tonight and really like it.  I said to myself that there is a lot going in this voice...I heard Natalie Merchant, Lara Nyro, Joni've got quite a range and your guitar work is impeccable.  I didn't know that you opened for Laura Nyro, so that was a good guess.  Anyway, my first and true love is folk music and I enjoyed stumbling upon your music today. Thanks and all the best!

Ron Schulman

Commuter Tucker Park

Your show (and the other performers) were a welcome delight. It was truly a real unexpected performance. I was in-between appointments and was taking a 'long' walk to my next appointment (several hours later) and was going to walk thru the park and 'rest' for awhile. I saw the stage being set-up, so I decided to stay and watch the concert. It was really nice to hear your original music and songs and not any covers of old songs. This makes you an artist and not just a 'singer'. Looking forward to seeing you in the subway, etc.