Times Square real life in split second frames

every once and a while a photographer comes along and captures perfectly the experience of an underground performer. November 29th happened to be such a day. Maybe it was that odd scenario where in the midst of so many strangers, a few friends passed by at just the right moment.

images by Nousha Salimi:

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi  - Jorge Vargas - *** - IMG_9216.jpg

singing for friend Jorge Vargas (Broadway + film make-up artist)

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi  - Tim Higginbotham -  IMG_9278.jpg

a surprise visit by Music Under New York Coordinator Tim Higginbotham

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi -  Roger Rees -  IMG_9283.jpg

a chance hug from friend Roger Rees (exceptional actor and director)

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi - Yesnoyes jam -  IMG_9337.jpg

On rare occasions, I have the joy of a spontaneous jam with other musicians. The next group scheduled after me to perform was Music Under New York group Yes Noyes, and they happily joined in to the delight of those passing by.

It's these moments captured here that show the real time life of the underground captured in split second frames.  I especially like the couple kissing off to the left.

Thank you Nousha

Joe's Pub afterglow

It was a great show, over before I knew it.  Here's some comments and a few pictures taken from the crowd:

  • I was one of the lucky one's THERE last night for your pure and powerful spirited proof of the power of the song - your songs, Dylan's song, incredibly musicianship, showmanship, your VOICE...you blew me away. Congratulations, Cathy! (Brenda Currin)
  • This is one beautiful lady! What a voice!Beautiful songs to challenge us! (Roger Rees) 
  • A masterful performance last night...total command of your material--and your audience! I really did have the best seat in the house. (Jack O'Brien)
  • Cathy Grier, an accomplished singer/songwriter, rocking the house at Joe's Pub. Honored to have her be a part of Subway: The Series. You were amazing as always. (Veronica Dang) 
  • Brava! Another great performance last night, Cathy. (Frank Webb)
  • That was awesome, Cat (John Douglas Pritchard) 

photo by John Pritchard

photo by Jackie Grier

photo by Graham Douglas

clip by Jane Abramson

joe's Pub