Joe's Pub afterglow

It was a great show, over before I knew it.  Here's some comments and a few pictures taken from the crowd:

  • I was one of the lucky one's THERE last night for your pure and powerful spirited proof of the power of the song - your songs, Dylan's song, incredibly musicianship, showmanship, your blew me away. Congratulations, Cathy! (Brenda Currin)
  • This is one beautiful lady! What a voice!Beautiful songs to challenge us! (Roger Rees) 
  • A masterful performance last command of your material--and your audience! I really did have the best seat in the house. (Jack O'Brien)
  • Cathy Grier, an accomplished singer/songwriter, rocking the house at Joe's Pub. Honored to have her be a part of Subway: The Series. You were amazing as always. (Veronica Dang) 
  • Brava! Another great performance last night, Cathy. (Frank Webb)
  • That was awesome, Cat (John Douglas Pritchard) 

photo by John Pritchard

photo by Jackie Grier

photo by Graham Douglas

clip by Jane Abramson

joe's Pub