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Day 2 post Storm Sandy and subway musicians have discovered our place of work still off limits. Would love to be able to perform though.  Subway lines, Grand Central, LIRR, Staten Island Ferry all shut down.  These are places I and many musicians were scheduled to perform in this week.  My apartment is still without power along with millions of others.  We have to remain calm and get through this.  As you can imagine I have been in contact with friends and fans from all over the world concerned about our situation.  This from my friend Sabine in Paris who emailed to check in with me:

No elec chez toi? We had 2 weeks without elec, heating in Paris last Feb. Our area and apartment building was really bad then. No hot water, no light for many many days. It was horrible.

So I know what you're going through. We're all so used to comfort that it's hard to deal without it and are lost when the unexpected hits us so suddenly. Take care! 

Thanks Sabine, the message here is NYers take heart and be safe.  I'll keep posting and will let you know when it's safe to peform in the underground of the city I love! In the meanwhile here's a link to MTA for any transport information.  and why not check out some of my Inspiration Project clips and see why NYC is so special.

If your apartment is still without power, please make sure to knock on the door of your neighbors and check in. Especially the elderly need to be heard from.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Metro-North is still unable to operate regular service on its Hudson, Harlem and New Haven Lines 

Grand Central Terminal and all outlying Metro-North station buildings will remain closed.

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follow these links for important information from our municipalities and state government:

New York State official website

New York City website

New Jersey State website

 Connecticut State Website


on 2012-10-31 19:32 by NYC Subway Girl

as of 2pm this afternoon some light rail in NJ an some Metro-North lines are working.