Ab + Zu Concrete Jungle Jam

Ab + Zu are percussionists who normally perform inside a moving subway car.  Personally I don't have the balance (what I call subway legs) or the lack of fear I'll impale someone with my guitar neck, so I stick to the stations.  Zu commented on my Emotional Creature t-shirt (Eve Ensler's new play worth seeing).

I have known Ab + Zu for many years and we are always happy to see each other, but this was the first time they actually jammed with me. I'm happy to have caught it on tape. I filmed them for my "What's Your Inspiration?" project when I was first developing it.  

What inspires Ab + Zu?  "Good energy and positive vibes...if you embrace it, it will embrace you."

Jungle words and music C. Grier SESAC Singerfish Publishing

What's Your Inspiration?  


Times Square real life in split second frames

every once and a while a photographer comes along and captures perfectly the experience of an underground performer. November 29th happened to be such a day. Maybe it was that odd scenario where in the midst of so many strangers, a few friends passed by at just the right moment.

images by Nousha Salimi:

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi  - Jorge Vargas - *** - IMG_9216.jpg

singing for friend Jorge Vargas (Broadway + film make-up artist)

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi  - Tim Higginbotham -  IMG_9278.jpg

a surprise visit by Music Under New York Coordinator Tim Higginbotham

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi -  Roger Rees -  IMG_9283.jpg

a chance hug from friend Roger Rees (exceptional actor and director)

2012-11-29 - Times SQ - Nousha Salimi - Yesnoyes jam -  IMG_9337.jpg

On rare occasions, I have the joy of a spontaneous jam with other musicians. The next group scheduled after me to perform was Music Under New York group Yes Noyes, and they happily joined in to the delight of those passing by.

It's these moments captured here that show the real time life of the underground captured in split second frames.  I especially like the couple kissing off to the left.

Thank you Nousha

MTA Culture Connections back online

After almost 3 weeks of service interruptions, closings and commuter disruptions, most of the transit systems are open and functioning.  MTA transit information

The MTA website had been used exclusively for up to the minute reports and information.  I am happy to share that the main website is now back online, meaning links to the cultural side have returned.  If you haven't ever visited these sections I encourage you to take a look, there is so much art throughout the city in public spaces.

Arts For Transit  mosaics, sculpture, and more, here's a wonderful clip about the Arts For Transit program aired on PBS

Poetry In Motion  found in subway cars and stations, poetry to read, recite and inspire.

and of course important to my world: 

Music Under New York is the program created to showcase music in the transit stations.

Post Sandy information about the flooded South Ferry station is that it continues to be closed.  Artists Doug and Mike Starn created the Arts For Transit installation.  I had a wonderful email exchange with Mike regarding the condition of the flooded station after the storm, he wrote, "the map piece we did is all about the changing island- the same island drawn in 1640 and we over laid with the contemporary map--- climate change will also have its affect on the island, and we think seeing some of that evidence would be a good thing."


Donating my tips to buy food

by now most of our area is back to work, trains, tunnels and transit almost to 100% pre Hurricane schedules.  But there are still pockets of devastation, people without power, without homes, and a sense of urgency to get back to "normal."  I know it seems trivial, but today and all this week I will sing for NY and will be donating the contributions I receive to help those in need.

GrowNYC/Greenmarket and local community kitchens will be providing healthy food for those affected by Hurricane Sandy and relief workers. So I will be taking the contributions to the Union Square farmers market purchasing food as an immediate way to help.  

where to find me 

(this week: Tuesday 13th in Grand Central Graybar corridor from 12-3, Wednesday 14th Columbus Circle uptown 1 platform 12-3), Thursday 15th WhiteHall SI ferry terminal 3-6, Friday Nov 16th at Union SQ 12-3)

I have been singing with the Music Under NY program since 1999, I sang throughout the 9-11 disaster and find comfort in being able to provide music in public spaces. Now through the contributions of commuters I have a wonderful way to help.

here's a short film I created to show my world as a subway musician

Storm Sandy Recovery Help

WNYC the local public radio station has a great post with info on how to help the recovery after Storm Sandy.  You can find it here.

MTA link for the latest transit information

I'm hearing from more and more musicians who were thankfully okay during the storm and are now getting back to their work.

You'll be able to find me next week:

Tues Grand Central Graybar corrdior near track 11 12pm-3pm

Weds Columbus Circle uptown 1 platform 12pm-3pm

Thurs White Hall SI ferry terminal 3pm-6pm

Friday Union Square above N/R 12pm-3pm


Hope your commute is getting easier to get around.

South Ferry subway art under water

Concerned about the fate of the Arts For Transit installation in South Ferry by artists Mike and Doug Starn, I emailed them about their South Ferry Artwork now underwater. I had the pleasure of performing in the station the day the artwork installation was unveiled in 2010. Mike replied. Take special note of Mike's comment about the changing island:

We are in Rome now and have not seen the devastation in lower Manhattan in person, but we think that there will not be any permanent damage. the glass is solid 1.5" thick and the stainless steel fence will be fine. The only thing that could remain as evidence is the possibility of  a stain on the marble mosaics.

the map piece we did is all about the changing island- the same island drawn in 1640 and we over laid with the contemporary map--- climate change will also have its affect on the island, and we think seeing some of that evidence would be a good thing. you can see the water height in this picture.


on a brighter note, we liked the Colbert Report moments….

Hurricane Sandy devastates 60 million Americans and seven subway tunnels, which means it could be weeks before they're able to restore the scent of urine down there. (04:51)

and the next day with Vince and Shamwow


Return to subway after Sandy

I showed up at Grand Central Shuttle today and performed for a steady stream of commuters.  People seemed, tired, and focused on their movement. Lots of rolling suitcases which I interpreted as flights are now back on schedule, or people were moving to their next shelter.  No matter what, I could feel the energy as a sort of accepted shock, and I was glad to do my part and fill the station with song and positive vibes. I reminded people that we were all in this together and that kindness, patience and support were needed in a time like this.

People were kind, generous and well if I may say so, softer.  It wasn't as noisy as usual either and I found singing to be effortless. I had a nice chat with "Piano Red" who told me he had been playing on the street to a daily crowd of generous New Yorkers.  I chatted with Calvin who traveled here to run in the Marathon, and although disappointed to not have run in dedication to his grandparents, he was positive, inspired. He gladly let me film him for my Inspiration Project.  What Inspires Calvin?

I talked with an MTA worker who had been working non stop, since last week. Nousha Salimi a wonderful photo journalist came by to capture the day and sent me some great shots. One of me and Brisdane Ford, another Music Under NY musician who sadly lost many of his possessions including his keyboard a few years ago in a fire.  It was great to see him. 

Nousha Salimi photographs

I walked past the Public Library on my way to Grand Central.  Do you know that by Thursday 55 branches were open?  I applaud Tony Marx the President of NYPL for mobilizing his staff to provide not only a place for people to read books, but to charge phones, connect to the internet or meet up with friends and neighbors. To know the doors were open, this is what a great institution is all about.

Encouraging words from NYPL President Tony Marx:

I hope that you and your family are safe. As our city recovers, we at The New York Public Library are working to provide essential services to New Yorkers who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

In the aftermath of this disaster, families across the city have relied on our branches to meet crucial needs. With the support of friends like you, we have built a Library system that is far more than a repository of books; it is a place where neighbors come together, resources are freely available, and New Yorkers can find information and a place to work together when schools and subways are closed. Over the past few days, we have served countless New Yorkers by providing welcoming spaces and making computers, Internet, and charging stations readily available. We've also added programming for thousands of public school students -- and we will continue to offer enriching activities and services in the days and weeks to com

For New Yorkers seeking reliable information, librarians have been helping patrons navigate the FEMA and Con Edison websites. We've also been providing resource and reference assistance via our Ask NYPL phone line (917-275-6975). In addition, we've waived fines and given automatic renewals to all borrowers, extending the due dates for 390,000 items. When the storm caused the cancellation of Library Lions, our annual fundraiser, NYPL decided to donate the evening's food -- enough to feed more than 600 people -- to the residents of hurricane-ravaged Staten Island. We're striving to ease the burden on New Yorkers in every way we can.


and on a personal note, 57 years ago today my parents were married in NYC. Both native New Yorkers. My father who sadly died young, is remembered every day. He was a civil engineer and there are many bridges in NYC that he worked on including the Broadway Bridge across the Harlem River. My mother no longer lives in NY but enjoys the NY stories I tell in my blogs.  Happy Anniversary.

Weekend brings better news for some

News this morning at 5:30 am is my apartment has regained power.  I hope for those of my neighbors who were stuck without power all week, sthat they are enjoying heat, their first hot shower and a flushing toilet.  But for others who have lost so much I am mindful, thoughtful and humbled.  Joe who works in our building lost his home. We are not over this yet. With every new day, as water recedes and people are able to return to assess the damage, I realize 1000's of people have a new life to rebuild. My hope is our collective human spirit will not be dimmed.

I am grateful that Mayor Bloomberg cancelled the Marathon.  I know it was a hard decision to do, but it was the right thing to do. I look forward to being on the street to cheer the runners on whenever it is rescheduled.

MTA website continues to have information about transit schedules and disruptions.

Also a previous blog of mine has lots of important #'s and information for those in need of help, and those who want to help.

May this crisis continue to bring us more gifts and show the beauty of human resiliency.

Day 4 post Sandy

My building is still without power, and  hoping to be back by Sunday.

Since I can't be in the subway to help by singing, I can at least use this space to give info for those who might need.

Like so many people I am thankful for the lifeline of radio to inform. WNYC has been amazing to listen to,

to hear of the journalists traveling around the city on foot, and bikes to be able to bring to us the news is heart warming.

You can follow their Transit Tracker to see what commuter lines are working.


I applaud Manhattan Borough Pres Scott Stringer who wants to cancel the Marathon.  I agree, why not get those healthy

runners here to volunteer their efforts to help carry water up flights to stranded residents, and other relief efforts.  

Now that would be power people! 


 For those in need here are important #'s:

FEMA 1-800-621-FEMA to start process of support

Red Cross tri-state 1-877-733-2767 

NJHelp -800-Jersey 7


 Link for shelter and info in NYC area


Here's info from the MTA regarding what commuters lines are open.


As news is arriving little by little and we learn of the devastation,my heart goes out to those

unable to enjoy the luxury of sitting in front of their computer (like me) warm and cozy blogging about the tragedy.  

Areas devastated, South Street Seaport, Piers in Red Hook Brooklyn, Staten Island, 100,000+ homes destroyed.


If you have any info on someone PRICE GAUGING here's a # to report 1-800-771-7755

Also go to the website of Office Of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to post any complaint


Where can we get food?

Food Bank of New York is distributing food via mobile distribution centers, and Meals on Wheels is continuing

to deliver food to the elderly. City Harvest is delivering food to soup kitchens and food pantries throughout the city.

Food and water distribution sites will open from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Friday. The locations in Manhattan are:

  • 10th Street between Avenues C and D
  • Catherine Street between Monroe and Cherry Streets (Smith Houses)
  • Pitt and Houston Streets
  • Grand and Clinton Streets —water only
  • Bowery and Division Street (Confucius Plaza)

In Brooklyn:

  • Coffey Park at Richards Street
  • West 25th Street and Surf Ave.

In Staten Island:

  • Mill Rd. and New Drop Ln.
  • Yetman Ave. and Hylan Blvd.

In Queens :

  • Beach 51st Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd.
  • Red Fern Ave. and Beach 12th St.
  • Beach 84th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd.
  • Vernon Blvd. and 30th Rd.

Where can we get ice?

ConEd is keeping a list of distribution centers in each borough where wet and dry ice are being distributed.

Brooklyn (dry ice) - WalgHreen's, 532 Neptune Ave. (between W. 5th & 6th Streets)

Bronx (dry ice) - 1200 Waters Place at the entrance to the Hutchinson Metro Center

Queens (dry ice) - 121-10 Rockaway Blvd.

Staten Island (dry ice) - The entrance to Great Kills Park on Buffalo Street

Westchester County (dry ice) - Yonkers Raceway, 810 Yonkers Ave., Yonkers

Manhattan (wet ice) - Union Square Park, Union Square East and East 17th Street.


My friend Sherry shared with me this post from the artist community in Brooklyn:

Here are updated links to organizations who are taking volunteers, donations and providing support toward

Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts. Thanks to all of you who are sharing your information, supportand resources

during this critical time. Many of the most impacted neighborhoods are those with the fewest resources already.  

Occupy Sandy 

Occupy Sandy Donations 

Red Hook Recovers 

Lower Easy Side Recovers  

Astoria Recovers 

Brooklyn Based: How to Help 

Brokelyn: How to Help  

Rockaway Relief 

Food Not Bombs: Sandy Relief 

The Week: How to Help 

Art in American: Chelsea Galleries Hit Hard by Storm Sandy  

Free Showers and Exercise at New York Sports Clubs  


New York Foundation for The Arts NYFA

Day 3 some transit running

MTA Service Advisory

Limited Fare Free Service To Be Restored On Subways, Full Service Rolls on Buses

Subway service will be limited Thursday, due to ongoing water remediation, infrastructure repairs and power related problems. Limited service will operate along parts of several routes between The Bronx, Upper Manhattan and Midtown. Other lines will run in parts of Queens and Brooklyn, with service terminating in Downtown Brooklyn. Shuttle Bus service will be available at Jay St - MetroTech, Atlantic Ave - Barclays Center and Hewes St in Williamsburg to 57th St and Lexington Ave in Midtown Manhattan. See Bus Stops in Manhattan.

The restoration of subway service was made possible by the hard work of hundreds of Transit Workers who inspected miles of track, removing debris that washed into the system, dried out components and made necessary repairs. In other parts of the system heavy duty pump trains continue to evacuate thousands of gallons of water that filled 7 underwater tunnels. Station Environment crews removed and repaired canopies on elevated stations ripped off by Sandy's strong gusts, while cleaners removed debris. Track Workers checked rails for damage while Signal Maintainers inspected and tested equipment that was submerged under water. Electronic Mchecked critical electrical systems, including crucial communications equipment. 

Late Wednesday night, the system was energized and 3rd Rail power was restored. During the night crews will begin running trains throughout the system to polish rials and ensure there are no track or other component defects before service begins.

Because subway service will be limited to roughly half of the system's subway lines, waits will be longer and trains will be more crowded. Customers are advised to consider changing their normal routines to travel later in the morning or later in the evening.

See Hurricane Recovery Subway Map

Bus service will be operating on a near normal weekday schedule.  Some routes may be operating with minor detours due to street conditions, customers are advised to look for signage at bus stops. Customers should also expect longer waits and crowded conditions.

Click Borough names for PDF maps:





Staten Island

South Ferry Memories

I travel to South Ferry regularly as I perform in the Station and in the nearby Staten Island Ferry terminals.  It is so sad to realize this newly designed station only open for 2 years, is now under water.  I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to perform in the station as part of the opening celebration on March 8, 2010, showcasing the gorgeous art of the Doug and Mike Starn designed for the MTA's Arts For Transit program.  I know it will be back soon, and appreciate the amazing work of all those helping us to recover after the storm.

Here's a funky clip of me on the opening day.  


And a clip of the submerged station from the MTA youtube channel. Very chilling to see.




Halloween trick Storm Sandy no treat

At least some kids in the upper east side were able to get out and enjoy some normal fun amidst the craziness of the storm devastation.  Thanks Katie for sending me a picture of these kids who were out at 70th and Park (Katie had to walk to midtown from 86th st to get to work).

Happy Halloween

Halloween kids 70+Park.jpg

(I didn't correct the red eye, found it goulishly Halloween perfect)

Pumpkin - Vote - Elizabeth Davis.jpg

Halloween message for November 6th sent from Elizabeth Davis

Am a lucky one

Every hour I seem to think of someone else that I know whom I haven't heard from.  I send an email, funny how we've arrived at the point where no one has a land line. The few I know who do still have one, it's hard to get through, the line just beeps a busy signal.  Or the circuits are busy.

This storm, (and I am somehow irritated by announcers who call it "Super Storm Sandy"  sounds way too cute and slick, has affected me not unlike September 11.  I can't ever equate the tragedy and loss of life, the panic, the hour of that day to this storm, but there is something in my personal human condition that is overtaken by the event.  Sure I've cancelled all my gigs this week, I'm privileged to have another home to escape to, and am with power while my own apartment building has been dark since 9pm on Sunday night.  This is the inconvenient catastrophe and the longer it goes on the bigger the issues.  For many it's the lack of water, a hot meal, any possible way of getting to work besides on foot if there is even a work to go to. 

Many friends have offices flooded or still without power.  Food supplies are drying up fast. How long can you go without flushing a toilet? When will if ever the salt water contamination be cleaned form the subway station.  I personally have lost my place of work, my public stage in the NYC subway and main train terminal stations.

I hear limited train service will begin tomorrow, I hear of grid lock. I am happy Bloomberg has called for car pooling and only allowing vehicles with 3 or more people to cross bridges and tunnels.  I remember after 9-11 how they tried to establish a commuter zone to limit traffic coming in and out of the city and how it was scraped after things returned to normal. Maybe now we can reconsider the benefits of such a plan. The 14th st sub-station is still out keeping most of lower Manhattan in the dark. The Staten Island ferry docks and terminals were damaged, not sure when they'll be running,

I am scheduled to perform in Grand Central tomorrow.  I don't know how I can get there. Trains along the Hudson and Harlem lines are limited, traffic will be insane.  All I can say New Yorkers is I'll be back as soon as I'm able.

Subway musicians off line off track

Day 2 post Storm Sandy and subway musicians have discovered our place of work still off limits. Would love to be able to perform though.  Subway lines, Grand Central, LIRR, Staten Island Ferry all shut down.  These are places I and many musicians were scheduled to perform in this week.  My apartment is still without power along with millions of others.  We have to remain calm and get through this.  As you can imagine I have been in contact with friends and fans from all over the world concerned about our situation.  This from my friend Sabine in Paris who emailed to check in with me:

No elec chez toi? We had 2 weeks without elec, heating in Paris last Feb. Our area and apartment building was really bad then. No hot water, no light for many many days. It was horrible.

So I know what you're going through. We're all so used to comfort that it's hard to deal without it and are lost when the unexpected hits us so suddenly. Take care! 

Thanks Sabine, the message here is NYers take heart and be safe.  I'll keep posting and will let you know when it's safe to peform in the underground of the city I love! In the meanwhile here's a link to MTA for any transport information.  and why not check out some of my Inspiration Project clips and see why NYC is so special.

If your apartment is still without power, please make sure to knock on the door of your neighbors and check in. Especially the elderly need to be heard from.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Metro-North is still unable to operate regular service on its Hudson, Harlem and New Haven Lines 

Grand Central Terminal and all outlying Metro-North station buildings will remain closed.

subway suspended 2012-10-31.jpg

follow these links for important information from our municipalities and state government:

New York State official website

New York City website

New Jersey State website

 Connecticut State Website


on 2012-10-31 19:32 by NYC Subway Girl

as of 2pm this afternoon some light rail in NJ an some Metro-North lines are working.

We Love NY French blog

For those stuck at home, without any way to get to work, or have any damage to clean up, I am thinking of you. This is the best time to reach out to friends, neighbors and family to connect and show strength of community.

Maybe you might enjoy reading this article I'm in. I woke up to a nice interview about my performing in NYC subways in a French blog called We Love New York. Glad I'll have new readers from France who might enjoy learning about subway performers in NYC.

The first paragraphs are in French, but the article is in English.

Here's the link


NYCSubwayGirl on the Big Screen

I created a video about my experience performing in public spaces for a concert I gave at the Hudson Opera House this past June. I included it in my August 8th show at Joe's Pub in NYC. Peter Biskind executive director of FilmColumbia was in the audience and asked to put it in this years festival. FilmColumbia is a wonderful film festival in Chatham, NY. It might be a small town, but thanks to a wonderful community filled with film buffs and many professionals in the cinema world, we are thrilled each October to see firsthand some of the best films to be released throughout the coming year.

I enjoyed watching my film "Inspirations From The Underground" to a packed Crandell Theatre on opening night before the new Dustin Hoffman directed film "Quartet."  Funny how after decades of being on stage and only a few years of making video for my website I would be in a movie theatre watching myself up on the big screen.  It was quite a thrill.

The film is a short about the story of my life as a performer in the underground of NYC and the people I meet.

filmed in locations:

34th st - 41st + Park Times Square - 47th @ 6th ave - 57th @ 6th ave Columbus Circle - Grand Central Shuttle  Graybar Grand Central - LIRR - Rockefeller Center - Staten Island Ferry  and Union Square 

© words and music by Cathy Grier Singerfish Publishing SESAC

Jungle, Birds Bop, Question Of Desire, Cool Trick, Good thing, Down On My Knees, Protecting My Heart, Keep U Out

also with kind permission: Amazing Grace - traditional, You've got A Friend - Carole King, Closer To Fine - Indigo Girls, Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

Subway holds it's Charm on me

My first performance back from my summer break was at Columbus Circle, uptown 1 platform.  This spot is great. The crowd builds in between trains, but it's also quite noisy with express trains passing in both directions on the inside tracks.  I learn how to pause to save my voice. When the train arrives and the doors open, I love to see people inside look out in my direction, seemingly surprised to hear live music. I see a lot from my vantage point where I set up, and the colorful Sol Lewitt mosaics are behind me.

I met photo journalist Nousha Salimi who discovered my website and found where I was playing. She came to my gig the following day where I performed in Brooklyn at the LIRR station. It was interesting to have Nousha spend the entire gig with me 2 days in a row and each of the locations couldn't be any more different.  To be able to see what I witness, the humanity, the intense experience of being in one location for 3 hours at a time, while everything and everyone else is speeding by on their way to somewhere.

Columbus Circle:
by Nousha Salimi
Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, LIRR station
by Nousha Salimi


Occupy Wall Street year 2

I grew up believing in the power of the microphone and having some inner need to be aware and socially conscious.  Sure I had public school teachers inspired by the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement to urge me to think.  And as a singer -songwriter I was deeply influenced by the work of Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, Odetta, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, ...and I could go on. The Occupy Wall Street gatherings in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan that began last September 17th and grew to a movement inspired me. To witness something shifting, something to cling our anxiety, frustration and disbelief to. How could we arrive at such a historical economic crash and continue to allow corporations and organizations to have unfettered access to funds without oversight, tossing regulations aside, allowing greed to override "right action" in the name of profit and "free-market driven policy"? The "We Are The 1%" mantra stuck.

I went to Zuccotti Park many times over the months including before and after the NYPD raid that shut the park down.  I sang Amazing Grace with a small crowd standing in the rain, surrounded by barriers and showing a stamina and resolve to continue the fight for justice that I hadn't seen since my youth.

Today I am mindful of the anniversary and how it is not the celebration of the past year so much as it is looking forward to how the next days, months and years will unfold.

Here's a little a recap of my time at Zuccotti Park:

blog Occupy Wall Street Day 25

Air Guitar Cop

Performed at Graybar corridor today at Grand Central station. Easy going gig at this spot, but hot, not insane but hot.  I usually don't like to play when it's too hot and usually that means during the month of August. But I was also enjoying running through my set I'd be playing on Wednesday at Joe's Pub so it was a good practice run.

A family from South Carolina came up to me, young girls with smiley face t-shirts that said Hi on the front and Bye on the back. I made a song up about it and they enjoyed it.  I asked if they would let me film them for my inspiration project.  Their inspiration "Jesus Christ."

Up from the stairwell came 2 kitted out terror squad police officers: helmets, huge guns, flank jackets and all in black.  I'm used to seeing military and police presence in the stations, although I don't like that it is something to get used to. I had just finished singing Willie Nile's song One Guitar "I'm a soldier marching in the army got no gun to shoot, all I got is one guitar…."  and in the middle of my song Question of Desire when the cops came up the stairs, one of them with his serious demeanor actually air guitar-ed his gun! It was  priceless.  I caught him in the act and smiling said "now that's what it should be used for, right?!"

NYCSubwayGirl newsletter

For those of you in NYC, save these August dates. It's not everyday I get above ground for a concert and these 2 are truly special:

Wednesday August 8th 7pm, Joe's Pub, Public theatre425 Lafayette St.  A wonderful club with great sound and a newly redesigned space (with food) tickets $15 order onlineor call 212-967-7555 the last time I played Joe's Pub was in 2010 and it sold out!

A really groovy gig Thursday August 2nd @ Celebrate Brooklyn performing my song 'Comin' Back To Me' with WNYC and WQXR host Helga Davis' group The Love Show before the viewing of Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet. Prospect Park Bandshell 9th Street & Prospect Park West, Brooklyn tickets free/$3 (suggested) 6:30 gate opens, show at 7:30

Here's a clip I recently put together to show a bit of my underground world.

June inspirations and news

June was an exciting month underground. I've had fun spontaneous encounters with some truly amazing above ground musicians you may have heard of. 

Vocalist, percussionist Vicki Randle in town performing with Mavis Staples. Local Broadway wunderkind Jim Abbott, musical director to the stars. And the musically exotic Helga Davis, host of WNYC and WQXR "Overnight Music"

I'm thrilled to have gotten some "What's Your Inspiration?" comments from them.

What inspires Helga?"Beauty and music."

What Inspires Vicki?"...what just happened.....just the sound, its the complex beautiful sound of music that creates something

inside you, it makes an emotion in me..."

What inspires Jim? "artists ...like you,.. people that do it for the love of it."

Also I was featured in an article recently by writer Laura Hankin of Galo Magazine.  "Female Subway Musicians A Rarity" 

Happy summer, and I hope to see you at one of my concerts,