Inspired, a film NYC subway musicians

Hunter college students, Ingelou and Gila two women from Holland, came by and filmed me at Grand Central Shuttle recently, they had great questions and even captured a spontaneous jam from trumpeter David who was playing down the corridor.  They also feature other NYC subway musicians.  They did a wonderful job of capturing the feeling of being a subway musician.

They shared with me what inspires them,

here's their inspiration clip

Pure Joy=Why I perform in public spaces?

A day at St. George ferry terminal filmed by Nana

"What Inspires me is coming and performing to people like you, because I find that performing in public spaces is one of the most liberating experiences of performance.  Talk to any subway perfomer and they'll probably tell you the same thing, how wonderful it is to do what we do- we love it!" NYC Subway Girl

Through My Eyes words/music C. Grier Singerfish Publishing SESAC

'Jungle' Live @ Joe's Pub!

During my recent Joe's Pub concert, I performed my song "Jungle" to videos of the underground to share a bit of my life in the subway with a fantastic sold-out crowd. The audio is live. Inspirations, tappers, kids and rappers: all a part of the tapestry of the New York City subways. What an amazing evening! And I'm so happy I can share it with you.

read some of the amazing comments about my show

thanks to Brendan Padgett for helping put the video together.

Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar, first Blues Night

Sugar Bar is best known for it's amazing Thursday Open Mic night, but last night they added a new Blue's Night.  I had to be there for the first one, and luckily had my chance to perform.  I chose my song Easy Come Easy Go and what an honor to have Valerie Simpson join me on the keys. Such a treat.  As I wandered down to the stage, Chester Gregory the fantastic singer Broadway whizkid, (he plays the amazing James "Thunder" Early in the touring production of Dreamgirls) was in the audience with Lillias White-a must see in Fela on Broadway, he took my camera and filmed me.  Double treat.

WNYC's Battle Of The Boroughs performance

NYC Subway Girl Cathy Grier performs Comin' Back To Me.

My experience performing for The Battle Of The Boroughs, was actually quite surreal, I never expected such an amazing in the pocket response from the audience. Maybe I have been performing underground too much!  I went on about 5th in line which was perfect.  My Sugar Bar open mic warm up of the night before was more than I could have hoped for too, as it got me in the mood of performing on a stage with lights and an audience. Thanks to Kathy Jordan Sharpton for her huge encouragement (I had met her one night at the Apollo Theatre). 

At the Sugar Bar, I waited my turn with an amazing gentleman who gave me some amazing tips, one being a question, "what's the first thing you should be thinking about as you walk onto a stage?" answer "Once Upon A Time." Wow, what a perfect truth and tip. His name Kent Drake, my new Sugar Bar mentor, "you've got a story to tell, well tell it!"  So as I walked onto the stage at the Greene Space I thought....Once Upon A Time, and I "told" my story=song 'Comin' Back To Me', the audience joined in at the end, made great encouraging sounds as I sang a certain line and basically made me so buzzed. 

I didn't really give justice to Terrance McKnight's interview, I made some lame response to his compliment of how I learned to play the slide. Commentators Leital Molad Senior Producer Studio 360 and Helga Davis WQXR host, gave me great thumbs up in my performance and song choice.  Helga wondered how I was able to keep my vocal chops so clear because of the brutal subway conditions not so kind to singing. Wish I had more time to answer that one too, but alas my time was up.  

check out my pic's of the night 

Divas Underground

NYC Subway Girl Cathy Grier, at Divas Underground - March 25, 2010 - Union Square.

With fellow divas Heidi Kole, Nicola, Arlethia, Samantha Margulies, Neffe Kragh-Muller, Martina Bruno, Alice Tan Ridley, Wendy Sayvetz, Left On Red, and Manze Dayila.  Images by Tim Higginbotham and clip by NYCSubwayGirl.

'Question of Desire' and 'Good Thing': words/music C. Grier Singerfish Publishing SESAC

Subway Jam at GCS


What happens when subway performers jam.  Grand Central mezzanine (above 4/5/6) on a Friday afternoon. The musicians from Alex Lodico Ensemble were arriving to perform after me and the drummer Neil asked if he could join in, then Yosuke the sax joined in followed by Michael the baritone sax.  We had never played together and the spontaneity of the moment is clear.  Filmed by Yasuhito Sasaki (guitarist who also joined in later but not in this clip)

song 'Keep You Out' words music C. Grier SESAC singerfish publishing

clip montage by Brendan Padgett

NYC Subway mini Documentary featuring Cathy Grier

"Street Licks" guitar guys with Tommy Anthony and Dan Warner for Guitar Xpress MagRack 8/4/04 Lifeskool (formerly MagRack) featuring Cathy Grier aka NYCsubwaygirl and other NYC subway artists.  Cathy's jams with the guys and they call her guitar playing "Clickin Pickin Magilin Lick"

'Question Of Desire' words/music C. Grier SESAC Singerfish Publishing