People Climate March

I care about the environment, living in a metropolis like New York City, on the surface it's hard to believe we ever will run out of anything. Scientists aren't making up the negative impact humans are having on our planet. Our global consumption (hunger) for natural materials, our industrial waste, our carbon emissions have a huge cause and effect. Oxygen and water is what we are made up of, we need to care more about ensuring it is plentiful and clean.

We live like we don't care what will happen to our planet in the next 50 years. The time is now to step up and show support for figuring out what we can do to mitigate the problem and find real solutions. With the UN summit on climate change beginning next week and world leaders attending the annual U.N General Assembly meeting, it will be an important statement to show a massive rally of support.
People's Climate March is in my city. I'll be there. Won't you join in?

the march will begin at 11am at Columbus Circle, show up early, the planet is tried of waiting.