R train returns to Whitehall Station

Today the R train returns to service at Whitehall St aka South Ferry after being flooded by Hurricane Sandy almost 2 years ago.  If you are heading to and from Brooklyn you will be very happy to have a much shorter commute after 14 months out of service. I have a fondness for the station because it was one of the last new stations to open with a fantastic art installation from Doug and Mike Starn for Arts For Transit which commissions mosaic and station art installations throughout the city. I was the Music Under New York artist who performed for the opening of the installation. It was also at a time where I was only beginning to think of recording in video some of my underground experiences. I made a short clip.  Here it is and some images from that special day.  I like to think from that day was born my Inspiration Project

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The opening day of the installation: South Ferry Installation, by Mike and Doug Starn