#poodlesnyc and me @Gothamist

I walk my poodles around my neighborhood every day.  The comments I receive are lovely and people want to talk, and pet and smile. I've gotten so used to people taking pictures, I finally created a hashtag #poodlesnyc so I can find the images people take. But in the image below is one case where I didn't see the photographer and was surprised to find the image pop up on the Gothamist blog thanks to a friend seeing it on a Facebook post.  The title of the blog post is hysterical "Extra, Extra: NYC Seeing Influx Of White People." photo by bytegirl/Flicker

It made my day.  And I've just spent the past few hours taking off the poodle hair for their summer cut. I like them best with the hair longer, but it's really hot walking around in 90 degrees with a fur coat.

photo by byte girl/Flickr

photo by byte girl/Flickr

After their summer haircut, we returned to the spot where the above image was taken.  Here they are.  

and PS don't joke with me and say that I should go into the poodle grooming biz…. I do it because I love them. and I'm not really very good at it as you can see by the uneven hair.  I call it a Mommy cut.