Happy Mother's Day: Inspiring Moms

There are instances that inspire.

Some days it's the wind on your face that inspires you. Other days what really moves you is watching a New Yorker help a tourist find something more interesting to see than the Levi's store.

And there are constants that inspire. 

Throughout the years of my filming and asking "What inspires you?" for the people in these below, it's a mother, or a grandmother, and although there is a day for the celebration of these women, these clips show the inspiration is truly constant. 

See Najah Lewis and her mother share a bench and their Inspirations, hear Kalli Meisler: Inspired by Grandmother and what Inspires Actress Joan Allen? Her Mother of course, it's Mother's Day.

Like My Mother Always Said...

Also, in celebration of Mother's Day, check out this amazingly heartwarming and witty book just released by my friend Erin McHugh. After visiting together one afternoon, I pointed out that she used her mother's words of wisdom so often that she should write a book about it, and she did. Congratulations Erin on "Like My Mother Always Said"

Available now on Amazon.com

Available now on Amazon.com

and of course here's to my Mom Diane. Happy Mother's Day!

on the left Mom pregnant with me, and on the right last year