1964 Worlds Fair a memory

Inspired by today's article in the New York Times read here by Joesph Tirella, I thought I'd share my own memory and family slides of the 64 Worlds Fair.

My Mom gave me an old box of family slides to scan and archive. I was very excited to find images that my Dad took of our visit to the 1964 Worlds Fair (he was quite a good photographer).  The experience is one of my earliest childhood memories. In '64 we were living in Connecticut. My parents were both raised in The Bronx and had many relatives living in Queens, so it was an easy commute!

I was really disappointed when they told me I was too small to ride in the convertible. My favorite was sitting in the boat and floating through while singing It's A Small World as loud as I could.  My first NYC singing in public space experience!  My sister and brother are seen in a few of the shots.

You also might find interesting the images in another NY Times article by Alan Feuer about the dismantling of the Fair.