Music + Art Mashup @NewMuseum Feb 20th 6-9pm

COAT Drive @ New Museum (235 Bowery) ongoing through APRIL 20th

In many of his previous museum exhibitions, Althamer has used the visibility and resources of the organizing institution to benefit different local communities. For “The Neighbors,” Althamer has initiated a coat drive for the Bowery Mission, the Museum’s neighboring organization, which has been serving the homeless and hungry since 1879. Over the course of the exhibition, visitors who bring new or gently used men’s coats to the New Museum will receive free entry. All the coats will be donated to the Bowery Mission.

On thursday February 20th from 6-9 pm I will be performing at the New Museum during the Pawel Althamer exhibition. Pawel wanted to have street musicians performing during the exhibit to express the idea of collaboration and connection. I will be performing from time to time until April 12th (here's a link to my schedule).  Many other street musicians have been selected to also perform. 

Someone asked me why I don't consider this a concert series in a museum lobby. I am being amplified so that the live music is carried up into the exhibition onto the 3rd floor. Since I have seen the exhibition, it changes the way I perform.  For me there are 2 points of view, one from the perspective of where I am physically performing in the lobby as people enter and as they wait for the elevator, and the other, where the music through speakers is part of the aural landscape of the exhibition. Much like performing in public spaces, people are on their way to something, the fact that a performer happens to be on their route is not static or stationary as a concert would be. Having the music as a live soundtrack for an art installation switches the dynamic of performance. I hear and see things differently in this situation and find intriguing the mashup of music + art. Something that is new to my world. When I shared this thought with Pawel, he responded "welcome to the temple." 

It's a wonderful opportunity for me create spontaneous soundscapes.  I sing or play choral arrangements based on my memory of a piece, say for example the whimsical one of Pawel imagining himself living in a suitcase….  I hope to see you at one of my performances.

check Pawel's Inspiration video clip here

And if you bring a gently worn or new men's coat to the musuem you'll get free admission and they will in turn donate the coat to the neighbors at the Bowery Mission.

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