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Inspiration Video Gallery

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I've put together a page with just video clips of my Inspiration Project and here it is. Check out  Inspiration Video Gallery. You can look through and select one of the 100's of videos of people I have met over the years and who have shared what inspires them.

Inspiration Video Gallery

There is no absence of people inspired by life by what they see and hear, willing to walk up to me while I’m performing and chat. I’ve just recently had the guts to say, “hey would you mind if I record what you're saying for my website?"  So that’s how I discovered Paradise at 125th street station who matter-of-factly said, “keep love in your heart everyone, remember that.”  Sherwin at Penn station expressed,  “Joy is my inspiration."  These people need to be heard, they make our world a better and interesting place to live in.

And their inspirational stories resonate with me deeply.  We live in a harsh world, and here in New York City it’s a very crowded and chaotic one.  Ester shared, “today we have ‘soundicians’ (sic) that make noise, but real music is compelling.  Music is in my soul, I get goose-bumps, I feel heightened.  Maybe if people had the right music they’d be happier.”   "Soundicians” ? !!  Wonderful, that description is compelling enough to make me want to find more and more Ester's of the world to share with you.

Heartfelt, honest, strange, inspiring….you be the judge. Stay tuned as I introduce you to the people I meet in the subway on this website, maybe you’ll feel compelled to share or leave a comment.  It’s easy.  And maybe one day if you happen upon me in the subway, you too will feel inspired enough to share what inspires you.