Pete Seeger remembered

Pete Seeger's music was an integral part of my folk singer/songwriter education. I went to 4H summer camp in the early 70's in Moodus CT, where we gathered around a campfire singing to his music. I remember learning Little Boxes (written by Malvina Reynolds) made famous by Pete. And thanks to the internet, I just learned it's the theme song to Weeds (who knew- guess not me?! Shows you how TV illiterate that I am! 

In the midst of the early 70's with the Vietnam war and racial divides, his music, his art, his humble presence always pushed me to think instead of react. He taught me through his music the power of song, to sing out, sing loud and most of all sing together. 

He lived into his 90's and that's a lovely long life.


Pete Seeger is gone 
into the bitter cold air
his banjo silent
on a winter January day
From his music I joined the choir of the times
Sang of the earth
and caring for others, not just the righteous ones
but careful and concerned
for missing chances we humans forget to take
to chart a different course
he put the boat in the water
taught us to sail
without any power over
what prevailing winds, currents, eddys
would take us
Onward into his nineties
no ego
Sing out he cajoled
Sing Loud
The true power of song
within every next line a belonging
Call and answer praise
A voice that multiplies
is a Gorgeous sound