Spenser Mestel's BuskOff

Spenser met me in Grand Central in late March 2013. He listened to me perform and then we walked outside and sat in Bryant Park to chat about my subway experiences for his blog Busk Off - A Subterranean Look at New York City. It was still a bit too cold to be outside, but there was Spring in the air and I was hopeful.

From Spenser Mestel, "To be clear, this blog is not trying to describe Twenty-Something Urban Life or The New York Experience.  Instead, I want to see how passionate people navigate this city, and I think the subway is a great lens through which to do that.  To the best of my ability, I’ve fact-checked what my sources have told me or indicated that it’s their version of events.  At times, I’ve changed my interviewees’ names out of respect for their privacy or professional integrity. If you feel these decisions diminish the legitimacy of the blog, then I’d remind you that this is not journalism proper.  For lack of a better word, Busk Off is a series of vignettes about people far braver than I am, struggling to entertain perhaps the world’s most hostile audience.  I am extremely grateful for their time and cooperation, and I hope you read something that resonates with you.  At the very least, if you ever find yourself almost alone on a subway platform late at night, and a guitarist finishes his cover of “The Trapeze Swinger,” I hope you applaud. He’s trying his best."

 "BuskOff" A Subterranean Look at New York City

Spenser tells my story through his lens buskoff.com/#/cathy-grier-subway-girl/

Thanks Spenser.