Memorial Day rituals + community

Memorial Day is about remembering, it's about those who lost their lives in conflict and wars in the name of our freedom.  And yes it's about parades and gatherings, recitals, and picnics.

Who cares about the weather, and how wet and cold it is this year.  Because we get a chance to have our gatherings.  We get a chance to live among the living. We get to sing our Blues live and real.

My mantra is enjoy the BBQ with humble pie front and center.

This Memorial Day I remember and I celebrate for all those departed and those who are lost.  For those who dedicated for a purpose that they might never understand yet live with the consequences. Physically and emotionally.

Memorial Day. I'll be upstate at a lovely rural community gathering with a visit by the VFW, listening to the Governor's Proclamation and bowing my head in silence. Later I'll celebrate with friends.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Remembering.

Here's a pic of me and the Blues guys performing on Saturday, having been moved inside due to inclement weather. Taken by Fran Heaney:

2013 Memorial Day Blues Band by Fran Heany.jpg

Kurt, Richard, Kevin, me and Pete


with thanks to Joe Heller