NYC Recycle tips + E-Waste events


Throughout the year the Lower Eastside Ecology Center sets up E-Waste drives at multiple NYC locations. The next Electronic Waste Recycling Day is April 06, 2013 10:00am - 4:00pm  
at Tekserve  119 West 23rd Street (between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue), New York, NY 10011  
Here's a link to find out what you can bring to these events. 


Remember the 3 R's Reduce, ReUse and ReCycle

I love the Broadway Green Alliance and what they are doing little by little to make a huge effort in not only how theatrical sets are recycled, but how to change day to day habits, helping to reduce the enormous amount of waste we produce in NYC and beyond. Read more below and consider joining (it's free).  also connect with Rebekah Sale, who can fill you in on all you need to know and how to become an active recycler. It will change your life.

I've been saving chip bags wondering where I can recycle them, read on.  Corks? you bet. Batteries?  No one should consider throwing into waste bin.  EVER! So here's the deal, yes it takes a little effort and maybe a visit to one of the drop off locations, but BGA is working hard to make it easy for us all. Boradway Green Alliance office is located at W. 46 St., #1312, 13th Fl.. I love their newsletter so much I want to share it, so read on.....

Dear friends of the Broadway Green Alliance,

  • Trying to find a better way to dispose of batteries, corks, toner cartridges, or old makeup containers? The BGA operates more than a dozen collection bins for items like these to make sure they get properly recycled or even up-cycled. We also operate a binder exchange and twice yearly electronic waste and textile collections in Times Square.  See below for a complete list of our collections.

Broadway Green Alliance Collections


Rechargeable: Recycled through the 4th Bin (  Collected at the Gershwin (242 W. 51 St.) and Minskoff (200 W. 45 St.) Theatre Stage Doors.

Regular: Recycled through WeRecycle! (  Collected at our twice yearly E-waste events in Times Square (January and July) or at the BGA office (165 W. 46 St., #1312, 13th Fl.) year-round.


All kinds and sizes are accepted at this exchange; great for readings and workshops! You can drop off or pick up as many as you need.  Collected at the BGA Office and soon at Actors' Equity too (165 W. 46 St. -- 15th Fl.).

Bottle caps, plastic

Recycled through Aveda (  Accepted at the BGA office or at any Aveda store.

(Please note: metal bottle caps are recyclable through NYC Residential recycling or by all theater waste haulers)

Candy wrappers 

Upcycled through Terracycle ( Collected at the Majestic Theatre (247 W. 44 St.).

Individual candy wrappers, large candy bags and multi-pack candy bags.

Chip bags 

Upcycled through Terracycle. Collected at the Majestic Theatre.

Any size, brand, style of chip bag.

Cleaner Packaging

Upcycled through TerraCycle (see for complete list of accepted items). Collected at BC/EFA (165 W. 46, Suite #1300, 13 Fl.).  Pumps, triggers, pouches, and flexible cleaner product packaging.


Upcycled through Terracycle. Collected at the Gershwin, Majestic, and Minskoff Theatres

All natural or synthetic corks as well as cork stops.

Electronic waste (e-waste) 

Recycled through WeRecycle! Smaller items collected at the BGA office year-round or wait for our twice yearly drives.


Upcycled through TerraCycle. All Inkjets accepted. Collected at BC/EFA.

Makeup containers  

Upcycled through Terracycle. Collected at the Imperial (249 W. 45 St.) Theatre.

See for a complete list. Includes most tubes, bottles, jars, cases and old makeup.

Stuffers --cast change notices for Playbill insertion.

Upcycled into scrap pads through Genie Printing by the BGA. Contact the BGA to drop off boxes of stuffers.  


Recycled by Wearable Collections (  Collected at the BGA office, at Actors' Equity--14th Floor Credit Union, and Local 764 Wardrobe Union year-round. Or bring to our twice yearly Textile Drives in Duffy Square (March and September).

Toner Cartridges 

Upcycled through TerraCycle.  See for a full list. Collected at BC/EFA. 

Some Brother, Canon, Dell, Panasonic, Xerox, Apple and all HP types of toner cartridges accepted.  

Writing Instruments 

Upcycled through TerraCycle. Collected at the BGA office.

Pens, mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, permanent markers, and all related caps.

Thank you for being a member of the Broadway Green Alliance!

Please contact us with any issues, questions, or green ideas.

Rebekah Sale,