Happy V-Day One Billion Rise UP!

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy V-Day Happy One Billion Rising Day to end violence around the globe. 

Today something extraordinary is occurring. Today will be amplified by the power of the people uniting. You might be a part of it as I am, or you might hear about it in the news or from a friend, but what is happening is tangible, it's the connected energies of people globally expressing an intention. To end violence. Stop abuse. 

I am honored that V-Day.org has featured my song today on the One Billion Rising website.  You can listen and download here

15 years ago I was on the crew at the first V-Day event at Hammerstein Ballroom NYC.  Back then we had no idea how Eve Ensler's poignant and culture shifting play The Vagina Monologues would turn into a global movement.

15 years ago. V-Day.org was born and has since raised more than $90 million to end violence towards women.

15 years ago I met the love of my life and so we  too celebrate 15 years. Celebrating One Billion Rising is a wonderful way to honor our 15 years and Eve Ensler who introduced us.  Happy Anniversary!

Tonight I'll be performing my song 'Rise Up' on the same stage that 15 years ago helped release the first V-Day out into the world.

Tony award winning playwright Eve Ensler says "We cannot keep working day after day when millions of women and girls are battered around the world. this is the moment when we escalate and amplified by our efforts, where we get bold and dangerous and disruptive and say no more.  Where we celebrate the fact that we are women and we have bodies and we have a right to walk and be anywhere on this planet anytime and be safe and free." 

Watch the clip I made of Eve and what Inspires her.

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