Subway holds it's Charm on me

My first performance back from my summer break was at Columbus Circle, uptown 1 platform.  This spot is great. The crowd builds in between trains, but it's also quite noisy with express trains passing in both directions on the inside tracks.  I learn how to pause to save my voice. When the train arrives and the doors open, I love to see people inside look out in my direction, seemingly surprised to hear live music. I see a lot from my vantage point where I set up, and the colorful Sol Lewitt mosaics are behind me.

I met photo journalist Nousha Salimi who discovered my website and found where I was playing. She came to my gig the following day where I performed in Brooklyn at the LIRR station. It was interesting to have Nousha spend the entire gig with me 2 days in a row and each of the locations couldn't be any more different.  To be able to see what I witness, the humanity, the intense experience of being in one location for 3 hours at a time, while everything and everyone else is speeding by on their way to somewhere.

Columbus Circle:
by Nousha Salimi
Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, LIRR station
by Nousha Salimi