Air Guitar Cop

Performed at Graybar corridor today at Grand Central station. Easy going gig at this spot, but hot, not insane but hot.  I usually don't like to play when it's too hot and usually that means during the month of August. But I was also enjoying running through my set I'd be playing on Wednesday at Joe's Pub so it was a good practice run.

A family from South Carolina came up to me, young girls with smiley face t-shirts that said Hi on the front and Bye on the back. I made a song up about it and they enjoyed it.  I asked if they would let me film them for my inspiration project.  Their inspiration "Jesus Christ."

Up from the stairwell came 2 kitted out terror squad police officers: helmets, huge guns, flank jackets and all in black.  I'm used to seeing military and police presence in the stations, although I don't like that it is something to get used to. I had just finished singing Willie Nile's song One Guitar "I'm a soldier marching in the army got no gun to shoot, all I got is one guitar…."  and in the middle of my song Question of Desire when the cops came up the stairs, one of them with his serious demeanor actually air guitar-ed his gun! It was  priceless.  I caught him in the act and smiling said "now that's what it should be used for, right?!"