Food Revolution Mealku + Jamie Oliver

All around the world a Food Revolution is emerging. As a singer songwriter the power of song and inspiration figure prominently in my life so does food. I awakened to the need to know my food source and stay clear of Agribiz in my early 20's when first I discovered that I had Hepatitis C.  I have found my choices of eating healthily have made me stronger, clearer, more focused and certainly healthier.  I want to give a shout out to 2 amazing individuals who are bringing the food revolution into the lexicon of our lives : Ted D'Cruz-Young of the newly developed Homecooked Food Cooperative MealKu, and Jamie Oliver of Jamie's Food Foundation.

Mealku is THE Homemade Meal Cooperative where the best homecooks in the land share carefully prepared meals. They handle delivery. I met Ted D'Cruz-Young developer and founder of Melku, one afternoon at a LIRR Music Under NY gig where I was performing, Ted stopped for a moment and then invited me to sing at his launch party. I have enjoyed performing at many of his inspirational events to help get his food revolution growing in NYC.

MealKu Mission

Our mission is to provide a place for everyone to find delicious, healthy meal options with easy access to locally-prepared food from trusted neighborhood home cooks.

Mealku is a homemade meal cooperative that supports good food practices, community outreach, and local businesses. Simply and fundamentally, we whole-heartedly believe that good food should be universal and affordable. We are creating a platform where home cooks can connect with one another, collaborate their efforts, and share valuable skills and wisdom. Join the Good Food Revolution now!

And it's thanks to Ted that I learned of Jamie Oliver. Mealku has partnered in an event with Jamie's Foundation where I will be performing.  Nothing I like better than helping to change the world through song and food!


Jamie's Food Revolution aims to change the way people eat by educating every child about food, empowering families by arming them with the skills and knowledge to cook again, and inspiring everyone to stand up for their rights to better food; which in turn will fight the epidemic of diet-related diseases.

We're losing the war against obesity in the US. It's sad, but true. Our kids are growing up overweight and malnourished from a diet of processed foods, and today's children will be the first generation ever to live shorter lives than their parents. It's time for change. It's time for a Food Revolution.

"Since I've been working in America, I've been overwhelmed by the number of people who have come out to support the Food Revolution. More than 630,000 people have signed the petition, over 300,000 of you subscribe to our newsletter and thousands of you have written to me. The only message I keep hearing is that you believe your kids need better food, and that you want help to keep cooking skills alive. That's why this Food Revolution matters."

The problem stems from the loss of cooking skills at home and the availability of processed foods at every turn, from the school cafeteria to church function halls, factories and offices. This Food Revolution is about saving lives by inspiring everyone: moms, dads, kids, teens and cafeteria workers to get back to basics and start cooking good food from scratch.

Jamie's ambition: A national movement to change the way America eats

Jamie wants to mobilize the huge response to the Food Revolution so far and turn it into a movement for change in which America leads the world. It will bring together millions of people and inspire the nation to fight obesity with better food. At its heart is a powerful strategy to get people cooking again. Here are some of the ways we'll be doing that:

More cooking at home

A nationwide network of community kitchens where anyone can go to learn basic home cooking

Jamie's home cooking course

Freshly cooked meals at school

An activist program to support parents who want better food in their child's school

A community website to encourage grass-roots activities for change all over the US

Cooking in the community

The Food Revolution truck, a mobile food classroom and flagship center for the Food Revolution

A cooking course available in church halls, community and healthcare centers and the workplace

Schools and Communities - to inspire and educate parents, carers, young adults and children through:

Freshly cooked meals in schools and colleges

Cooking lessons for kids at school

Lessons teaching basic food skills to healthcare and social care professionals

Cooking classes for the public in the community

Corporations - to promote culture change and encourage community investment on several levels:

Food industry - help to tackle obesity by producing better food products and labeling products in a more honest way

Healthcare sector - investing in future health means cost savings down the line

Employee health - provide better food for employees in company canteens and provide cooking classes for employees to give them the skills they need to be healthy

jamie oliver's food foundation