Memorial Day parties are fun, but remember .. Remember

My brother sent me an email mindful of the irony of Memorial day, it showed cartoons of BBQ's and a picture of the only person standing at a parade was an old man in a wheelchair.  This Memorial Day our Military is still fighting the 'war on terror,' we're still at war in Afghanistan, and presently still involved in many conflicts throughout the globe.  It's fleet week here in NYC and I'm seeing so many young men and women who have enlisted to serve our country enjoying a fun time in NYC.  Whether I agree or disagree with war, we're in it and they represent our country.  So I am all for honoring them and memorial day for all those lost in conflicts. This year I'll be in a small upstate community standing on a town green on memorial day saluting the fallen, honoring the men and women of our national guard, and all the other branches of military.    

Many lives are lost every day to give us the world we believe we want to live in.  

Politics aside, this is a day to remember those fallen. 

This Memorial day go out and find where people are gathering to remember.  Maybe it's a local VFW remembrance, or a visit to a cemetery, especially with your children, they need to know.  

Be a part of honoring our fallen men and women who have lost their lives for our Country.

MEMORIAL DAY not just a party...

Memorial Day cartoons by Joe Heller  (used by permission, thanks Joe)