stillness, air and Haiku's

I have just returned from an empowering retreat in NH last week called Coming Into Your Own. I spent 4 days with 15 other women (and one amazing 3 mos old) sharing our life stories, understanding a deeper connection with ourselves and how to better navigate the world around us. In the process of witnessing, we learned tools on how to listen, interact and communicate more deeply and authentically. I am taking the day to reflect on my inner work which I believe has sparked new inspiration in me.

I return to subway gigs on Wednesday at my favorite spot Grand Central Shuttle.

I wrote these Haiku's which sheds some light on where I'm at, a good time to be in Spring:


Here I am safe

Wonderment an easy Reach

Aware I forgot


The essence of Love

Steeping just a bit longer 

Now a stronger me.