Poetry In Motion returns

For many years I loved reading poetry installed in many of the subway cars, not only did the words of famous and obscure poets inspire my ride. I found the presence of their words posted in a subway car to allow the sometimes cramped cars and offensive chatter to transport me.

I was surprised to see it disappear and now am excited and cheer it's return.

Poetry In Motion is part of the Arts For Transit program.  Music Under New York is also under the same arm. I am proud to be a part of presenting rich and diverse artistic expression to commuters and travelers of the NY subway system.

Here's my poem for the day:


Someone has to start, someone has to road test

Someone has to taste, someone has to listen


Nothing comes without

1st inspiration, 1st act, 1st ripple, 1st crack, 1st challenge that might go astray

1st step up to make a wave

1st flutter to take flight

1st starlight to make night


read Clyde Haberman's City Room article about Poetry in Motion in the NY times