Divas Underground 2012

Thursday March 29, 12noon-7pm    14 Street/Union Square

NYCSubwayGirl Cathy Grier performs 3:40pm-4:20

Union SQuare 14th Street subway station above N/R line will have a very exciting event of women performers of the Music Under NY program throughout the day. check out the line-up and come and support live music in public spaces:

* Divas Underground: In celebration of Women’s History Month, Music Under New York’s divas will perform a marathon concert with some dedications to the beloved divas Etta James, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney Houston, whom we have lost recently.

12:00-12:30Wendy Sayvetz  ­www.abacaproductions.com

12:30- 1:10     Arlethia   www.arlethiagospel.com

1:10- 1:50       Lindsay Dragan www.Lindsaydragan.comwww.Wearesunshowers.com

1:50- 2:20       Marcella Adame

2:20- 3:00       Heidi Kole   http://www.thesubwaydiaries.com

3:00- 3:40       Martine Bruno  www.martinabruno.com

3:40- 4:20       Cathy Grier  www.nycsubwaygirl.com

4:20- 5:20       Left on Red  www.leftonredmusic.com

5:20- 6:00       Samantha Margulies   www.samanthamargulies.com

6:00- 7:00       SisterMonk  www.sistermonk.com

Music Under New York's DIVAS UNDERGROUND March 17, 2011

I was able to catch a few of the other women artists of MUNY, Samantha Margulies, Natalie Gelman and Martine Bruno to share with you.