Singing Holiday song to rescued Equines

This is a clip of me singing a holiday song at an amazing equine sanctuary. The back story: On a recent December Sunday I visited Equine Advocates Sanctuary in Chatham, NY. I have visited the sanctuary multiple times since first hearing about the rescue of a NYC Carriage horse named Bobby. For me, any time a carriage horse is off the streets is a happy ending. To learn Bobby was initially headed for slaughter then saved to live his life out in a sanctuary, I was curious to see for myself his new home. Since then I have happily performed for various events benefiting Equine Advocates.  

Susan Wagner the President and executive director and her sister Karen invited me to return to walk through pastures singing a holiday song Susan adapted for a virtual Holiday Greeting card.  Always one for a good time, I grabbed my guitar and with friend and EA board member Elizabeth Hess, we met Susan and Karen to film the song set to the music of Winter Wonderland. We had a blast wandering around each paddock inviting the equines to join in.  I learned that equines have a good sense of humor and fortunately for me they weren't spooked and neither was I.

I hope you enjoy this fun little holiday greeting as much as I did.

Here are some past clips I made of my visits to the Sancturary:

Bobby Rescued Carriage Horse

In my first visit to EA Bobby a NYC carriage horse had arrived after being rescued from slaughter. 

Speaking with Susan Wagner I asked her my favorite question "What's Your Inspiration?" Her inspiration for starting Equine Advocates was a rescue horse named Gandolf, but her inspiration in life is fear of doing something everyday that she can't stand, so she did something that she liked to do-rescue equines.

Return vist for Bobby's 1st year "Re-Birthday" at Equine Advocates

June 25, 2010  Cathy and Ron Wong are Bobby's sponsor.  You too can sponsorone of the many equines at the sanctuary

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